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Since ancient times marble's classic elegance has been prized by artisans and masons. It makes an excellent table and console top, bathroom vanity top, fireplace hearth and facing, and interior or exterior paving or wall cladding. Marble, though indeed luxurious, is soft and porous and needs regular waxing and sealing. If you are an avid cook and desire a marble kitchen coutertop, you may wish to consider that excessive and repeated exposure to heat can potentially leave scars or burn marks. Marble can, however, provide a pleasantly cool, non-stick surface for dough for industrious home bakers or commercial bakeries.

Marble stones consist of limestone that has undergone high heat and intense pressures. A transformation process takes place when the weight of overlying material, pressure from crystal collisions and heat from the earth's core generate temperatures in excess of 18001/4F. This is altered itscrystalline structure and introduced other minerals that produced the valuable colours and veining that are characteristics of marble. Marble is composed predominately of crystalline grains of calcite, dolomite or serpentine, and capable of taking a polish.